About MeLikeyUK

Welcome to MeLikeyUK...it’s so good to have you with me!

Who is MeLikeyUK?

Based in London, Melikey is a Scottish thirtysomething girl who after 10 years of working in the city has escaped the treadmill and decided to inject a bit more fun and adventure into her life!

What is MelikeyUK?

When I first came to London there wasn’t really an unbiased one-stop review website I could peruse and find inspiration for passing the time and having fun in the capital.
MelikeyUK aims to share information on food (recipes and restaurants), health and beauty (products and treatments), theatres, cinema, fitness and fun. It will serve as a one-stop review forum for all the activities I have undertaken and enjoyed (hence the name “me - likey”) in and around London.  This will suit all income brackets from those on a budget to those that are a bit more indulgent!
Any experiences not undertaken by myself will be clearly indicated. I am not affiliated with any company but enjoy trying new things and sharing information with others.

Why MeLikeyUK?

I am an avid fan of Sex and the City and I first heard the phrase being coined by Alan Cummings’s character “O” then later reinforced by the main character, Carrie Bradshaw.
I think it’s such a fun catchphrase that summarises the emotion that an enjoyable experience should bring. I would love to bring the same fun, interest and enjoyment to my readers.

Why subscribe to MelikeyUK?

Readers should subscribe if they want to learn more about what sights, sounds and tastes the capital has to offer as well as sharing experiences and making friends with the on-line community. Those that are new to London as well as those that are London born and bred are more than welcome to come on the journey.

So come on....what are you waiting for? Sign up...you won’t regret it!