Saturday, 3 March 2012

End of an era for MelikeyUK ....

Some of you may have noticed I have been a little quiet of late. Reason being....I have been "living it up" as it were on the other side of the globe, er, Hong Kong to be exact! For the past few months I been living in Serviced Apartments in Times Square, Causeway Bay. If any of you are familiar with Hong Kong, then you will be aware that it plays host to a variety of Shopping Malls and Food Forums. I feel as if I have been partying non-stop since I got here.This has resulted in two things, me being spoiled for choice with the number of restaurants and food forums on my doorstep and an ever increasing weight problem! The lack of cooking utensils and workspace in the apartment, means that I have had to do without "home cooked" meals and I have really missed the cathartic process of preparing and cooking my food.
Goodbye MelikeyUK
Why the end of MeLikeyUK? Well, it was important for me to redefine my blog. Expert Bloggers always advise newbies to write about something that makes them passionate. While I enjoyed writing all my entries, my food posts were by far the most rewarding. I even made it into Top Table's Best of the Blogs. Also, the opportunity to be out here in Asia and log some of my foodie experiences meant that it did not make sense for my blog to have a UK reference. My attendance at a few foodie events and the chance to meet like-minded food bloggers has heightened my interest and so I have decided to relaunch my blog with a new name. From now on my entries will be posted under "How to be a Gourmand" and I'd love it if you continued to support me on my journey. I have missed your company over the last few months.
Hello to How to be a
What happens to My Wish List ? Well, for the UK and Europe based items I need to put them on hold but I can still take on some of the things here. I am currently enrolled in a Pilates course and it has transformed my sleep no-end. I think it is linked to improved blood circulation? I am currently experiencing number 8 on the Trips Wish List. And, in June last year, I managed to undertake number 1 of the Events Wish List and saw Robbie Williams and Take That back "home" in Hampden Park, Glasgow.
Take That ticket for Hampden Park, Glasgow
Robbie Williams sings to a very happy Glasgow crowd!
Lesson learned? Never, ever buy your tickets from Ebay! It was a great night and we were lucky to avoid the "Bible storms" of the previous night but securing the tickets at the last minute was a nail biting experience and one I would hope to avoid next time :-)
I also attempted the Martial Arts class without the sparring on the Keeping Fit Wish List. What did I think? Never again! The class was arranged in such away it was more like circuit training. I have never felt so unfit in my life. I felt as if I was in a class of twenty Zebedees (from The Magic Roundabout). The average age of the class was 20 .I've crossed it off the list. Enough said.
True likeness of me undertaking circuit training
So after 7 months, I think to get through 30% of the list  is not a bad start.
Hong Kong is also known for it's trails and hikes with the most famous MacLehose Trail of 100km being an annual challenge for expert hikers. I heard in 2011 that this was performed by the winners in 12 hours. Not bad at all eh? I'll be happy with just finishing 10k ;-)
I just wanted to say a big thank you for all the readers that have followed me along the way. It has been great to have you with me and I hope we can continue the journey together over on my new blog, How to be a
Ciao for Now x