Monday, 28 March 2011

The To Do List or Wish List?

As part of my adventures, I have decided to pen a list of activities I'd love to experience over the next 2/3 years and then share them with you, my lovely readers ;-) 
So running down the items, it looks like more of a wish list than a to do list doesn't it? Ahem, well, a girl can dream a little, can't she?
Not sure if I fancy my chances with all of them but it would be good to knock a few off my list.....

OK, let's see, here goes:

Food & Drink

1)   Eat at a Heston Blumenthal Restaurant
     Either at:

2) Dine at The Ledbury Restaurant in Notting Hill

3) Lunch at Spuntino's (there has been so much good press about this - I just have to go and try it out for myself)

4) Taste the macarons sold by Pierre Herme

5) Lunch or Dinner at La Truffiere or La or La Maison de la Truffe (but I think I know which one I would prefer !)  Done ;-)

6) Attend a cupcake making class (I love cooking but baking is not my forte!)

7) Attend a wine tasting event

8) Attend a food writing course

9) Have afternoon tea at Langhams 

10) Indulge in a "Culinary Flight" experience at The Burj Al Arab, Dubai

11) Go on a cooking course in Tuscany

Health and Beauty

1) Indulge in a "Perfect Retreat Package" at The Berkley Health Club & Spa Knightsbridge

2) Try a "So Spa Razzle Dazzle Experience" at the So Spa Sofitel St. James London

3) Have a Hot Foot pedicure at Bliss

4) Luxuriate in a "Time for Two" Couples ritual at the Elemis Day Spa

5) A "Body Double Scrubble" at Urban Retreat

6) A trip to Brooks and Brooks Hairdressers

7) A biosculpture manicure at Marcela's

8) Try a session of threading (eek!) at Malika 

9) Try a Floatation experience at The Floatworks


1) See Robbie Williams or Take That in concert

2) Attend any outdoor music festival

3) Take in a Tennis match (preferably at Wimbledon)

4) See members of the British Basketball League play at the Olympics in London

5) Go and see the Highland Games (yes, proud to be Scottish but I have yet to see my countrymen in action!)

6) Watch either a Track and Field or Cycling event at London 2012

7) Attend a Blogging event

8) Attend Ladies day at Ascot

9) See Scotland play Rugby at Murrayfield

10) Go to the Globe theatre for an outdoor Summer viewing

11) See the Royal Ballet at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden 

Keeping Fit 

1) Walk the Seven Sister Route from Eastbourne to Seaford during Summer

2) Walk the West Highland Way

3) Walk part of "El Camino de Santiago to Compostella" in Spain ( as referred to in the film The Way)

4) Try a Bikram Yoga class

5) Go to a British Military Fitness class

6) Enrol in a Pilates course

7) Try some form of martial arts (without the sparring!)

8) Have a Taster session of a Climbing Wall


1) Cross the Corryvreckan Whirlpool

3) Go for a long weekend in Salamanca

4)  Have a city break in Seville

6) A night spent in Gidleigh Park

7) A nose around Le Royal Monceau in Paris (Just to look! Up to 20,000 euros a night, eh.... I don't think I'll be staying there ;-)

8) Experience Hong Kong

9) Visit the Canadian Rockies

10) Return to Eurodisney (Disneyland, Paris) where I met my husband when we were both part of "The Opening Crew" in 1992 *happy days ;-)

Personal Development

 Enrol in a Photography class (my photography skills need a lot of TLC!)

I don't want much, do I? :0)
Mmmm..I think it may take more than 2/3 years! (not to mention a whole pot of cash!)  
What do you think?
Would you rather do something completely different? I would love to hear what would be on your wish list!
      Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, 25 March 2011

A Hidden Gem – The King William Restaurant,Old Royal Naval College,Greenwich

Blinked and we would have missed it! "What is that" I hear you say? A sign outside on the cobbled streets within the grounds of the University of Greenwich and the Painted Hall advertising a two course lunch at £14.95! Not bad at all!
I have been a resident of Greenwich for many years and this little restaurant has escaped my notice for all this time! How is it possible?
It is about 1.15pm on a Wednesday afternoon and my curiosity gets the better of me and we slip through the main entrance to uncover what is waiting behind closed doors underneath the Painted Hall.
A Hidden Gem
With a turn to the right, we are greeted by a most charming entrance. It looks quite formal, but the room itself is bathed in sunlight, with its beautiful vaulted ceilings and wooden floors.You are greeted with the most amazing bouquet of flowers containing irises and snowdrops and the room gives way to an imposing golden chandelier. The walls are filled with black and white pictures/photographs charting historical events of Greenwich.
Inside the King William Restaurant
There are about 10-12 wooden tables in the room, dark in colour with similar dark coloured leather chairs.The tables are dressed well with the all important grey slate place mats (I have a penchant for these at the moment!)
Although the room is impressive, it is not very busy at all, only two tables are occupied, albeit by bigger parties, which gives rise to the somewhat hushed atmosphere.
The waitress happily escorts us to a table for two and presents us with the menu and a fairly extensive wine list.
The light gives an airy feel to to the
The menu has a selection of 4 starters /main courses/desserts. A nice variation containing good options for vegetarians. The Beef Bourguignon with smoked paprika mash catches my eye but I am intrigued to try the Cauliflower and Jerusalem artichoke soup with truffle cream and because it is part of the daily set menu, we opt for that.
The daily set menu comprises:
2 courses for £14.95 or 3 courses for £19.95
I order the aforementioned soup and the OH orders the Smoked Applewood cheddar,spinach and pine nut tart.
While we wait, we are served bread; poppy seed and sundried tomato. Ah! Isn’t it so nice to be offered bread and know that you are not going to be charged any extra for it ? ( is one of my pet-hates).
The soup arrives.While it is not so pleasing on the eye, it more than compensates by packing a punch in flavour! The smokiness of the Jerusalem artichoke is enveloped in “mushroomy” loveliness!  It has quite a thick consistency and so can be quite filling but I am not complaining. It is simply delicious!
The tart is quite small and garnished with micro herbs.The pastry is quite light, the smoked Applewood cheddar is very subtle with the spinach adding moisture which miraculously avoids turning the tart soggy.I am also told that the centre is filled with capers (although, ahem, I wasn't offered a piece in the centre!).
Smoked Applewood cheddar, spinach and pine nut tart

To follow, we both order the:
Corn-fed chicken breast, lemon thyme, dauphinoise potatoes and soya beans.
The chicken is beautifully moist and a joy to eat. The dauphinoise potatoes are flavoured with just the right amount of garlic, adding a pleasant aroma to the dish without it being too overpowering. The jus has a nice meaty flavour but could be further reduced to intensify the taste and to improve consistency. The soya beans, I would say, are there more to add a crunchy component to the dish than to give rise to different flavour, which is perfectly fine.
Corn-fed chicken with Dauphinoise potatoes and soya beans 
Not being used to eating so much at lunchtime, we pass on dessert and ask for the bill.
The service is good; attentive and polite and I engage in a little chit-chat with our waitress. She tells me that the restaurant is closing! What! Oh no! But I have only just found you King William Restaurant! Shock horror! Why? Then I almost answer the question myself “Is there not enough passing trade?”  Sadly, she agrees.
Blast! I feel somewhat cheated by this news. If I, having lived in Greenwich for all this time have not stumbled across this little gem, then surely, there must be others in the same boat! I do feel that more could have been done to promote this great restaurant outwith the grounds of the Naval College.This is compounded by the fact it is only open for lunch Tuesday to Sunday. Such a shame!
On further research, I understand that The King William Restaurant is changing as of Monday 4th April 2011 to the King William Undercroft ; a new meeting and hospitality space. Alas! Another one bites the dust!

This means that you only have a few days left to experience lunch at the King William Restaurant in the Old Royal Naval College.

If you enjoy good quality food at very reasonable prices, then pay a visit to
The King William Restaurant in Greenwich before April 4 2011.

To reserve your table email
or call 020 8269 2131.
Alternatively book via toptable.

Tell them MeLikeyUK sent you!
Enjoy x

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Afternoon Tea at The Rose Lounge, Sofitel London St. James

Last month my mother-in-law was in London for her birthday. She was visiting from Provence with her mother and her sister.
She has been through a lot recently and we wanted to make sure that she had a very special time while she was here. She kept referring to the fact that she wanted to experience something "typically English". Well, I thought, what could be more appealing than an Afternoon tea at the Rose Lounge, in the Sofitel London St James?
Inside the Rose Lounge

Situated along from Trafalgar Square and down from Piccadilly Circus, the hotel sits in all its splendour in Waterloo Place. The hotel also plays host to the fabulous Roux Brasserie, So Spa (winner of 2011 Conde Nast Traveller readers' spa award) and the St. James Bar all of which are worthy of separate visits to the hotel!

The Rose Lounge itself appeals very much to the feminine market. It is decorated beautifully with warm and uplifting cream and pink colours, there are rose patterns on the sofas, soft lighting, bookcases filled with rose patterned plates, and an open fireplace dressed with lit candles.
The ambience is cosy and calming. A harpist sits in the corner of the room, playing her music gently and with the subtle scent of roses wafting across the room, you are immediately put at ease. It is all so pleasant!
I thought this would be a perfect venue for the French side of my family as the staff are French speaking so the language barrier did not even pose a problem.
Afternoon Tea Menu
After receiving a warm welcome, we are seated and presented with the Rose Lounge Afternoon Tea Menu and our waitress takes the time to walk us through the different options and the selections of tea available.
Each table is decorated with pink dainty tea cups and velvety rose petals.
The menu cites ;"Le Tea en Rose - An afternoon tea with a French touch".
And this couldn't be more true!

For £24.50 per person, it includes:

  • Your choice of Jing Tea
  • Finger sandwiches
  • Freshly baked, homemade scones
  • Parisiennes Pastries
For an additional £5 this can be accompanied by a Rose and Lichi Champagne Cocktail.
The menu itself is lengthy and you can choose from a diverse variety of White, Green, Black, Rose & Collection teas as well as Herbal infusions.

Harpist playing
in Rose Lounge
For the table of 5, we choose a wide selection; Jasmine Pearl, Vanilla Black Tea, Lychee Red Black Tea and Whole Peppermint Leaf infusion.
In the distance you can also hear the soft piano tunes and gentle laughter coming from the lobby and the bar reinforcing the fact that everyone in the environs are having an enjoyable time.
Sandwiches and scones
The finger sandwiches come in white and brown bread and have the fillings of egg mayonnaise and watercress, smoked salmon, ham and mustard and cucumber and cream cheese. Tasty as they are, the amount is fairly generous; about 4-5 sandwiches per person.
The scones are delicious; coming in equal quantities of plain and those baked with currants. They are golden and crusty on the outside, warm and fluffy on the inside and you have the option of raspberry jam or lemon curd and Devonshire clotted cream to accompany them. Ah! Rose Lounge heaven!
We are rapidly becoming full but there are a few still remaining on the cake stand and it would be such a shame to waste them. Our very attentive waitress, packs a little box for us so that we can have them for "petit dejeuner" the next morning. How fantastic!
As we enjoy our second round of tea (teapots are topped up), having chosen Vanilla, I find the flavour and scent more intense and I am enjoying it even more. I am so relaxed, I could just nod off for a few minutes!
However, it is not long before the waitress comes along with another plate laiden with "goodies" and a sparkly candle indicating that a birthday girl is in our midst.
Happy Birthday surprise
The plate plays hosts to an array of French delicacies from a tarte aux framboises, to a chocolate and caramel shortcrust cake. I thought the "Happy Birthday" message written in chocolate was also a nice touch!
The French side of the family were pleasantly surprised and impressed and they agreed that they had indeed sampled something "typically English" (albeit with some French touches!) and I know it won't be too long before I make a return visit .

I would highly recommend a visit to the Rose Lounge especially if you are entertaining female friends and family.
Furthermore, as we approach Mothering Sunday on 3 April 2011, a trip to the Rose Lounge could be the perfect gift.

Afternoon tea is served daily between 2.30 and 5.30pm
For further information visit:
Tell them MeLikeyUK sent you!

Enjoy x

Monday, 14 March 2011

Beauty Product Review - Reconstructing Treatment from Tints of Nature by Herb UK

Over the past few winter months, I have subjected my hair to no end of damage; highlights, blow-drying, hair straightening, sun damage and living in a house that only supplies one type of heating; boiling hot!
Contributors to my damaged hair:
Hairdryer and Straighteners
Photo Credit: ChicGeek
I think it’s time my long-ish mane deserved a wee bit of TLC.

I have been given a bottle of Tints of Nature Reconstructing Treatment to review – lucky me!
Tints of Nature, renowned for their Permanent hair colour rangelaunched this treatment in Summer 2010.
The treatment contains certified organic aloe, comfrey, almond oil and jojoba oil and prides itself in restoring hair to a soft, smooth and shiny condition, not to mention offering protection from UV damage. Quite a tall order so let's put it to the test!
Tints of Nature Reconstructing Treatment

MeLikeyUK Review


Pleasant. Subtle notes of sweet almond oil although this scent does not remain after rinsing.

Treatment comes in a one size 150ml plastic pump dispenser and is easy to use.

Smooth and consistent without feeling greasy.

After rinsing and drying my hair. It did feel very smooth, silky and nourished without feeling heavy. So much so, that my husband commented on the good condition of my hair (unprompted –a very rare occurrence indeed!). I also believe the treatment lasts after the second wash; when washing my hair the next day, I could still feel the benefits of having silky locks!

Ethical Purchase:
Packaging stipulates that the finished product has not been tested on animals and contains no animal ingredients.


At the R.R.P. of £8.99 for 150ml it is quite expensive, especially with the instructions recommending 4-8 pumps for each treatment. I also think to get the full benefit, I would need to apply the treatment twice a week.
Worth noting that if you order any Tints of Nature product online at  www.tintsofnature.comyou can get a discount of £1.50 from the bill.

Convenience and Practicality:
This treatment requires you to do the following:
a) Shampoo and rinse your hair
b) Towel dry hair
c) Apply reconstructing treatment
d) Comb through hair and leave for 15 minutes
e) Rinse treatment out of hair
 For those challenged for time, it may not be the most practical option and they may choose a product that does not require rinsing.

Tints of Nature Reconstructing Treatment is only available at selected department stores ( and organic and health stores.
It is also available to buy on-line from Herb UK at  
Call Herb UK on 01590 613490 for further stockist information.

Overall MeLikeyUK rating:


My thanks to Nina Bass from Norton Cowan Communications Limited for introducing me to Reconstructing Treatment from Tints of Nature.

The contents of my blog are my opinions alone. It is important for me to uphold the integrity of the “MeLikeyUK” blog. When I am asked to review a product/service, I will only agree to refer to it in my blog if I genuinely like it and I will provide an associated rating. Those blog posts without a rating signify me sharing an experience with the audience directly. To avoid misleading the audience, and to save time, I will not review and publish products/services which I believe are not compatible with my blog.
Anything with a rating of 5/10 or above will be deemed acceptable and published on the MeLikeyUK Blog.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Restaurant Review: Glo Restaurant,Walton-on-Thames. A Fusion Eatery with that little bit more!

Situated in the leafy and affluent Surrey town of Walton-on-Thames, Glo Restaurant can be found on New Zealand Avenue, unit 6 of the Heart Shopping Centre.
Glo Restaurant, Walton-on-Thames
We visit on a sunny Friday afternoon between 1 and 2pm and are somewhat surprised by the quiet atmosphere in the restaurant.
We receive a warm welcome and are shown to our seats by a very professional and friendly Fareed Qaiser (Manager on Duty) who confirms our reservation.
The decor is very modern; walnut wooden floors and tables adorned with black leather placemats, chopsticks with hot and sweet chilli sauces in full view.
The entrance to the restaurant houses the bar area with its soft brown leather sofas and plump pink and brown cushions that you can collapse into after a long day at the office.Tables are also situated outside, for those of us who enjoy al fresco dining.
The restaurant has tables suitable for various numbers; the dining duo, tables of four and group tables for larger numbers i.e team lunches etc.
We have heard that Glo Restaurant has a super reputation for cocktails and as we peruse the menu it is no surprise! We are met with an extensive list of cocktails, all 22 of them, ranging from sparkling, to the signature Martinis. In the end we opt for two non-alcoholic cocktails; a Watermelon Cooler and a Ginger and Apple Cooler. It is only Friday afternoon after all!
Watermelon Cooler
 Ginger and Apple Cooler
It is evident that cocktails are their winning formula, they are beautifully presented and taste divine! Although I have to admit my favourite was the Watermelon cooler; just the right balance of freshness and juiciness to to quench your thirst.
The menu is extremely varied. I would describe the cuisine as Asian Fusion ; a celebration of east meets west ; Thai, Chinese, Indonesian, and Italian. Grills, curries and pizzas with an Asian twist.
Notable descriptions catching my eye are: “House Special curries served in an individual baked garlic loaf”
and the side order of “Pesto and Coriander Chips”
Prawn and Coriander Dumplings
We decide on Dim Sum to start and choose Chicken Siu Mai and Prawn and Coriander Dumplings.
While we wait, we are served Spicy Prawn Crackers. Ah! Just the ticket; delicious and crispy and just enough to keep hunger at bay while tantalizing the taste-buds!
Our Dim Sum arrive. Three dumplings per serving. The Chicken Siu Mai is Chicken with Mushroom which has quite a strong flavour. My preferred dumpling is the more fragrant Prawn and Coriander which is lighter in texture and fresher on the palate.
Next to order is the main, and we are helpfully recommended the House Speciality which is the Glo Manuka Rump Steak; a steak marinated for 24 hours in a Manuka honey, garlic and Soy sauce (Are you salivating yet?)
If I was feeling guilty about the calorie content, it didn't last long as I discovered that Manuka honey is renowned for its health benefits! We also order a new dish on the menu; Ginger Lamb chops.
Glo Manuka Rump Steak
When the main dishes arrive, they are served with a generous portion of house special chilli chips (v.guilty pleasure!), onion rings, grilled tomato and a crispy salad garnish. 
The steak is fantastic; we have asked for it rare and it is so succulent. The marinade plays its part beautifully by tenderising the meat and absorbing the sweet and savoury notes in the juice. Ah, I am in heaven ;-)
The Lamb Chops are very good. Again, very succulent (requested medium) and the charcoal flavour coming through the grilled meat, is complimented with the subtle ginger marinade. This dish is served with a yoghurt riata separately. If the ginger marinade was stronger and spicier, then it may warrant this accompaniment, but I felt on this occasion, it simply was not required. 
Ginger Lamb Chops
Feeling rather bloated and with our appetites waning, it is not long before we are presented with the dessert menu. Well, well, well, decisions, decisions. If two of you are undecided, it is a good idea to go for the "Sharing Dessert" option which gives the diners samples of the House Specials.
However, after our waiter delivers a hearty recommendation, our minds are set on one dessert and one dessert alone;
The Ice Cream Money Bags (House Speciality). I have already ranked up a gazillion calories -why stop there? And I can tell you that I am so not disappointed!
Ice Cream Money Bags
It is simply bliss! This is deep fried ice cream wrapped in oriental pastry.
Hot and crispy on the outside and creamy cold ice cream on the inside. All deliciously topped with warm honey. It sounds sinful but it is worth every mouthful! If you like baklava, there is a good chance you will like this; replace the nuts with the ice cream and serve it warm!
After devouring the plate, we feel that coffees are required to conclude the meal. Again, the range of hot drinks available is extensive; they include an original offering of Chinese Flower teas along with regular infusions. We opt for a Latte and an Espresso.

MeLikeyUK Review


Menu Variety:
A wide selection of choice, varied enough to encourage you to come back and try something different next time. Something for each member of the family; kids can have pizza, mum can have a Malaysian curry while Dad can have a steak.

Excellent and attentive service without being obtrusive. Fareed and his team were very proactive; proposed house signature dishes or suggested alternatives when certain dishes were not available, continuously topped up our refreshments and ensured we had everything we needed during service. This was not restricted to our table, from looking around the restaurant, the team took great delight in engaging with customers and likewise, customers felt welcomed.

Presentation and taste:
Quite good. The dishes we had were certainly packing a punch in flavour!

Price and Promotions:
Very good value for money.The most expensive dish on the menu was Ginger Lamb Chops priced at £14.95. This comprised 3 meaty chops. Glo is very generous on portion sizes. We were so full we did not eat anything else that day!
Promotions are widespread. Notable offers include;
Food: Daily discounted special offers e.g. a selected curry, noodle or pizza for £5.95.
Drinks: Two for one Cocktails every day between 5 and 7pm & 10pm and 12 am on Friday and Saturday.

In addition, Toptable customers are currently taking advantage of a 2 for 1 main course and free cocktail offer. For further details, visit:

The restaurant is situated in the centre of town. It is a 15 minute walk from the train station. There is ample parking nearby.


For what the restaurant had to offer, I was surprised that it was not busier especially during a Friday afternoon. It has competition from the big chains such as Pizza Express, Giraffe, Wagamama, Carluccio's and GBK but it should be able to compete on quality of food, value for money and service.
This is somewhat mitigated by a surge in business after office hours, when employees from local firms take advantage of the Happy Hour on cocktails.

A very minor point. The grills were served on sizzle platters and while ticking the box on presentation, at times, made it cumbersome to eat the food owing to the generous portions served.

There is one restaurant in Walton-On-Thames and the flagship restaurant is based in Reading. It would be ideal for Glo to have restaurants in Central London and the immediate suburbs. I think the concept would work well in places such as Canary Wharf, Putney,Wimbledon, Greenwich and Blackheath.
I know that if I was a local in Walton-on-Thames, I would be making regular visits to try a range of dishes from the menu.

Overall MeLikeyUK rating:


If you feel like treating your tastebuds to a touch of fusion cuisine, take a trip to Glo Restaurant in Walton-on-Thames where you will be spoilt for choice!

Take a sneaky peak at the menus below:
Food Menu

Drinks Menu

My thanks to Adele and Harriet from Woodthorpe Comms for introducing me to Glo Restaurants.


The contents of my blog are my opinions alone. It is important for me to uphold the integrity of the “MeLikeyUK” blog. When I am asked to review a product/service, I will only agree to refer to it in my blog if I genuinely like it and provide an associated rating. Those blog posts without a rating signify me sharing an experience with the audience directly. To avoid misleading the audience, and to save time, I will not review and publish products/services which I believe are not compatible with my blog.
Anything with a rating of 5/10 or above will be deemed acceptable and published on the MeLikeyUK Blog.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

The BBL Trophy Final Guildford Heat vs. Mersey Tigers Live at The O2 Arena

When I was a student, there was no better way to start the weekend than by waking up to the latest roundup of NBA action on Channel 4. Don’t ask me why but I was entranced by the speed and confidence with which the players moved and “slam-dunked” the ball into the net. I was an avid follower of the Chicago Bulls, New York Nicks and Boston Celtics. The players were giants and mastered the ball with such ease. When I watched the matches, I used to think how fantastic it must be to watch the game live at Madison Square Garden. The atmosphere must be AMAZING! So I was sad when Channel 4 stopped transmitting the NBA games.
Last week I saw an email courtesy of Groupon advertising tickets to see the British Basketball League (BBL) Trophy Final. The event was to be held at the O2 on Saturday 5th March for £6 (instead of £15).
Photo Credit: BBL Logo

I am ashamed to say I had not heard of the BBL before but when I realised the offer related to a live Basketball Final, I could not pass up the opportunity to relive those happy moments from years gone by! The 02 arena is relatively close to where I live and the price was very reasonable (even at £15 I still think it is good value for money!)
Televised by Sky Sports TV, the final featured two teams with a sound pedigree; The Mersey Tigers (BBL Playoff Champions), and the Guilford Heat (winners of the BBL Trophy in 2008).

This seemed to be a great time to raise the profile of the BBL, as the organisers of the O2 were also hosting NBA matches over the weekend featuring the New Jersey Nets and the Toronto Raptors.

We arrived in the arena 10 minutes before the game to a positive and happy buzz. Many fans were already tooting horns and banging drums! Although the arena was less than 50% full, the atmosphere was very much alive as we heard a very bubbly commentator, funky music, and the team mascots (Scorcher for the Guildford Heat, and Tiger for the Mersey Tigers) were cheering on the crowd.

I am delighted to say that this sporting event is really family friendly with both girls and boys providing a loyal fan base. There is much interaction between the team mascots and children; as you can imagine, there is nothing more cool than for a young boy or girl to have their photo taken with or to “high-five” the much loved Scorcher or Tiger.

Before and during the breaks the “BBL Babes” (or cheerleaders to you and I), take centre stage and perform routines to the likes of "Outcast" occasionally accompanied by the less refined Scorcher and Tiger!
The game itself lasts about 2 hours and is made up of 4 quarters with a longer interval of around 15 minutes after the 2nd quarter.
The game between the Tigers and Heat begins 
During the 1st quarter, the Guildford Heat were being dominated by the Mersey Tigers but managed to take a slight lead at the end of the 2nd quarter. In the 3rd quarter, the Heat were unable to maintain their lead as the Tigers turned around a first half deficit with a massive 22-0 surge with the Mersey Tigers eventually winning 84-66.
 MVP: Andrew Sullivan,
Photo Credit:

Andrew Sullivan, (Great Britain's captain) representing the Mersey Tigers,was awarded Most Valuable Player Award (MVP) with 16 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists.

During a game like basketball there is no opportunity for the viewer to get bored; the audience is transfixed and marvels with the drama that unfolds in front of them, whether it be risky assists, great defending or the spectacular slam-dunk!

Even during one of the breaks a mascot called Foxy, with a somewhat wild reputation came onto the floor and chaos soon ensued. He picked up one of the cheerleaders mid performance and ran off court with her. He returned her only to ruin the timings of her team and then proceeded to pick up and throw some of the advertising banners onto the court. He finished his stint by threatening to give the commentator a head massage (he has no hair!) much to the amazement and amusement of the audience!

The BBL Babes await the awards ceremony

GB Basketball was recently granted a solid endorsement from the British Olympic Association which should assist them in securing a place at next year's 2012 Olympics. During half time there was an appeal to show our support to have the sport included in the 2012 Olympic Games. With what I have witnessed and with what British basketball teams have accomplished across Europe in recent years, it would be a great disservice to British sport to have it excluded!

I am deeply impressed with the level of professionalism demonstrated during the game, it is clear that the players have the utmost respect for their opponents and the referees. There is plenty of competitiveness spirit, without giving way to the disgraceful, violent scenes we have recently witnessed on our football pitches.

I am so glad I went to the final, it reignited my admiration for the game and I truly believe it is a sport which should be on every school sports curriculum. It should be widely encouraged as a spectator sport; it’s fun, it’s accessible to both sexes, its family oriented, it’s good value for money, the duration of the game is appropriate and last but not least, it is a very skilful game to watch.

Dare I say it? It is a great alternative to Football or Cricket! Don’t follow the crowd – take the lead; show your support for the British Basketball League by attending a local game. You won’t regret it!

Find out more about British Basketball games at:

For progress at the 2012 Olympics visit:

Tell them MeLikeyUK sent you!

Enjoy x

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

A Flea in Her Ear at The Old Vic Theatre – Time is Running out!

When I worked in Financial Services, my previous employer used to sponsor productions at The Old Vic theatre, and I often wondered whether my chums and I would be treated to a free viewing or an invitation to a preview. Huh! No such luck!  So, yesterday when I saw an advert on the "Visit London” website ( to see "A Flea in Her Ear” by Georges Feydeau for £11.99 I snapped up a ticket. What a bargain! What is more, I had heard a lot of positive feedback about the play and I have been a big fan of Tom Hollander since seeing him in "In the Loop"  and "Rev" – he’s such a cutie!

Photo Credit: The Old Vic
 The Old Vic Theatre is about a 7 minute walk from Waterloo station and is situated on The Cut. When I arrived, the queue was spilling out the door. I had booked the matinee performance and although London was bathed in sunlight, it was flippin’ freezing! To my delight, I had been upgraded from the Lilian Bayliss Upper Circle to the Stalls in the middle of the row (5th row from the back) – RESULT! Thank you nice people at the Old Vic Box Office ;-) I was even more thankful when I realised I hadn't brought my glasses with me! Doh! My blonde moment!

Outside the Old Vic Theatre

The first thing I noticed when I sat down is that I had plenty of legroom (yippee!) no knees at my shoulders like some of those other theatres in London (you know who I am talking about!).The theatre itself is stunning, there is a golden chandelier which dominates the room, it had 37 lights on it (yes I counted them; well I had time to kill before the performance!). The gold painted cornicing is also beautifully done. I would have shown you a lovely picture of the inside of the theatre but I got my wrists slapped when I tried to take a photo :-( The man (dressed in black) said it was not permitted! I think other people had the same idea as I heard him delivering the same message time and time again! Such a shame!

As I look around, it is clear that this play has a wide appeal; the row in front of me has a group of bilingual female teenagers who dip into French and English when chatting to each other. It is also attended by young professionals,middle aged couples and senior citizens in equal numbers. There are a few empty seats beside me so I can put my bag and jacket on the next chair and begin to relax.

The play is set in Paris at the height of the Belle Epoque. The beautiful wife of Victor Emanuel Chandebise, Raymonde Chandebise, suspects him of having an affair and she enlists the help of her dearest friend, Lucienne to entrap him. Their plan to entice him to a rendezvous at the notorious Hotel Coq d’Or spectacularly misfires and chaos ensues with hilarious results. 

There are around 15 characters in the play, but without giving too much away, the characters impressing me most were:

1)     Victor Emmanuel Chandebise & Poche
The former is the husband suspected of infidelity, the latter is a hotel porter who is fond of Vermouth. Both characters are played by Tom Hollander; a comic timing genius who is able to pull off some quick costume changes!
2)      Carlos Homenides de Histangua
The husband of Lucienne, (best friend of Raymonde Chandebise), a passionate and violent Spaniard with a very thick and amusing accent. Played by John Marquez.
3)     Camille Emmanuel
The young nephew of Victor Emmanuel, who has a speech impediment; he is unable to pronounce consonants! Barking mad? Absolutely! Played by Freddie Fox.

The play itself is just over 2 hours long with a 15 minute interval to top up drinks and tuck into some ice cream.

After being translated by John Mortimer, the play originally opened in London in the Old Vic in 1966, so it is  really fitting that Richard Eyre directs it here once more. 

The last performance is on Saturday March 5 2011 so there isn’t much time left!

If you fancy having a giggle and have a couple of hours to spare in the afternoon or evening, take a trip down to The Old Vic theatre and enjoy a performance of "A Flea in Her Ear".

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Enjoy x